Making Same Day Deliveries For Your Auto Parts Business

If you work in an auto parts store, you most likely have several area auto repair shops using your business to get parts when needed. Many auto parts stores have drivers that bring the parts to the mechanics once or twice a day. If your driver is out sick or if you are extremely busy, you will want to do whatever you can to continue giving service to your partnering businesses or any new ones that may happen to call for help. Read More 

Cleaning Tips To Make Your Refrigerator Sparkle

Cleaning your refrigerator is probably something you only do once per year, maybe even less that that. However, you should be cleaning your refrigerator at least once a year. Your refrigerator gets a lot of use, from moving food in and out to getting water and ice from the ice maker. It has little hands and big hands all over the outside of it as well, and probably a few dog noses. Read More 

Setting The Stage For Sales Success: Tips For Assessing Your Business

As you enter into a new sales year for your business, taking the time to objectively review your sales data can help you to spot trends in successes and failures. By evaluating your customer base, your target audiences, your marketing efforts and the work of your sales team, you can identify where there may be weaknesses that you should focus on. It also helps you spot your strengths as an organization. Read More 

How To Make Grocery Shopping Easy For Your Elderly Parent

Your elderly parent might be working hard to live as independently as possible, but one thing that you might be worried about is how he or she will buy groceries. Going to the grocery store to buy groceries can be a tough enough job for the average person, but it can be next-to-impossible for an elderly individual to get out and do any shopping. If you're concerned that your mom or dad isn't getting the groceries that he or she needs, try these tips. Read More 

Save Your Identity: Shred Your Documents

Identity theft happens every day, but there are ways you can avoid it. One important thing you should do is to shred your important documents instead of throwing away things like bank statements, credit card statements, and other important information. It is common for people to raid bins outside of offices to find personal information of employees and the company itself. By obtaining someone's social security number, they can easily set up a new credit card, and start charging to their heart's desire. Read More