Making Same Day Deliveries For Your Auto Parts Business

If you work in an auto parts store, you most likely have several area auto repair shops using your business to get parts when needed. Many auto parts stores have drivers that bring the parts to the mechanics once or twice a day. If your driver is out sick or if you are extremely busy, you will want to do whatever you can to continue giving service to your partnering businesses or any new ones that may happen to call for help. Here are some methods you can use to continue your service while your driver is out or assisting other customers.

Have A Standby

When you are extremely busy, it doesn't hurt to have an additional driver on call to assist with deliveries. Since they are not needed all of the time, it would not be feasible to have an additional work vehicle on the premises if it is not regularly being used.

You could have this on call driver use their own vehicle to make deliveries, and reimburse them money for the wear and tear on their vehicle. They could keep track of the amount of mileage they rack up on their vehicle to hand in at the end of the day for gas money, as well. This works well if your business is having a busy day where you need that extra help in making your deliveries.

Using A Courier

If you get a new business prospect while your driver is unavailable to help, you may want to enlist the help of a professional courier service to deliver car parts to the garage. You do not want to lose an opportunity to pick up a new customer; so making sure that the delivery is still able to be made quickly is very important. Take a look at the local courier services available in your area and pick one that is willing to work with you fast at a price you can afford.

You may be able to draw up a contract with the courier to give you discounted rates if you are a regular customer. This can be a huge help if your vehicle is down or if you are in between drivers. You would be able to continue business as usual without a lapse in delivery times.

Call A Cab

If bringing an extra part to a garage is needed as a one-time incident, you may want to just call a cab company to bring the part to the garage for you. You can get a relatively cheap price for a ride for your auto part if it is within the same vicinity as your business. A cab company would be more than willing to deliver the part for you at the same rate that they would charge a ride to a person.