3 Ways To Verify The Backgrounds Of Potential Hires

Do you need a system in place to verify your potential new hires' backgrounds? A background check can be an important part of the hiring process. You probably want to hire people who are truthful about their past employment and who don't have serious skeletons in their closets, such as violent crimes or financial mismanagement. The problem is that applicants can tell you almost anything on an application or in an interview. Read More 

Six Reasons To Consider Metal Roofing

Asphalt roofs are very common and popular in the United States.  However, if you were to visit other locations, such as Australia, you would find that many of the homes have metal roofs.  The use of metal roofing is rapidly rising in popularity in the United States, and for good reason. Metal roofs look good. Metal roofs just plain look good!  These aren't the rusty old tin roofs you may think of when you think of metal roofing. Read More 

Keep Pests At Bay In Your Kitchen And Home

In the summer, pests such as insects and rodents seem to be everywhere. Keeping them out of your kitchen is critical to your family's health and safety. Prevention is the best way to prevent pests from entering and nesting inside your kitchen and home. Here are some tips to keep pests at bay: Cleanliness 1. Wash dishes after eating as soon as possible. Before putting them into your dishwasher, rinse them. Read More 

How Much Laundry Detergent Do You Need?

When you do your laundry, you expect your clothes to come out clean. However, there may be times when too much dirt or stains do not wash out, which can be disappointing. To always get your clothes clean, there are more factors to consider than which brand of laundry detergent you use. What's in the Water? If you have hard water, you may have a more difficult time getting your clothes clean. Read More 

Healthy Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your home can give you a sense of accomplishment while leaving your living quarters feeling comfortable and safe. The safety factor, however, is not always prevalent with the use of chemicals in cleaning products. Making the switch to green cleaning is easily done and is a healthier alternative for your family. Here are some tips to use when cleaning your home, helping to keep the area safe for all who live inside. Read More