3 Things To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Business Storage Solution

Your business is growing, and you find yourself needing a more secure place for your business's most important documents to be stored. Before going out and renting a self-storage unit, it's important to consider your business's needs and how this will effect the way you store your documents. Below are three things to consider when looking for the perfect storage solution.

Choosing the Best Storage Solution for Your Needs

When it comes to protecting some of your business's most important documents and information, it's vital that all storage solutions be considered.

Your business's documents need to be kept safe from humidity and water damage, as paper can easily become damaged by mold and mildew. For such protections, your business should consider using a climate-controlled self-storage unit, as this will offer the most in the way of mold- and mildew-protection. Other important things to consider are security measures that may need to be put in place, such as surveillance and security locks, and ease of access for all personnel who may need access to stored documents at any time.

Finding the Right Equipment for Your Documents

It's not enough to use a climate-controlled, secure self-storage unit. When it comes to the safety of your business's important documents, it's also important to consider the actual containers in which they'll be stored.

For extra protection, especially during transfer from the office to the storage unit or from the storage unit to the office, consider document storage containers with keypads or other security measures. Aside from security, it's also important to consider the physical safety of the documents from flooding and fires, so a fire-proof security box may be your best options. The containers you use should also be easily stacked or otherwise organized within the storage unit and easy to move freely from one place to another.

Organizing Documents for Ease of Access

While many business documents may only need to be stored for a certain number of years before being discarded, other documents may need to be readily accessible and used often.

Before storing your business documents, creating a method of organization is essential. Your business's documents are useless if they cannot be found, so coming up with an intuitive method of organization that all members of your business team can follow will ensure the smoothest of transitions for your team. Some organization methods to consider are by fiscal year and by category (accounting, human resources, inventory) and can even be combined for best results.

The above three considerations can help significantly when it comes to finding the best business storage solution needs. To learn more about self-storage options, contact a self-storage facility like K&L LLC Mini Storage to learn what they offer in terms of climate control, security measures, and storage access.