2 Convincing Reasons To Hire Stump Removal Services For Your Business

A business's immediate environment has a profound impact on a customer's expectations of quality. Landscaping is an essential tool for businesses to ensure a pristine environment surrounds their building. However, there is a fine balance between natural beauty and function that must be maintained. When nearby trees threaten your structure with encroaching branches and overgrown roots, they can have unsightly results. Tree branches can cause damage to the walls of your building while tree roots crack the nearby sidewalk. In times like these, it's best to hire tree removal services. However, standard tree removal often leaves behind an unsightly stump. To get rid of this stump, you'll need to hire stump removal services. Here are two convincing reasons to hire stump removal services for your business.

Stump Removal Improves Employee and Customer Opinions of Your Brand

When visiting a company location in person, many things influence a customer's perception of the business. Architectural style, employee demeanor, and cleanliness all play a part in shaping your customers' opinions of your brand before they've even made their first transaction. However, another thing that your customers will see before any of these things is the immediate environment. Poorly maintained foliage and cracked sidewalks can have a significant negative impact on their opinions of your brand. Potential customers may feel that the outward appearance of the business reflects the quality of the internal organization. By taking the initiative and removing that unsightly stump, you just might be demonstrating to your customers that you'd be willing to take the initiative for them too. Employee opinions and morale can also improve when they see you taking action and improving their work environment.

Stump Removal Improves Employee and Customer Safety

Not only are tree stumps an eyesore on your company's property, but they are also a safety hazard for several reasons. Tree stumps that are low to the ground or in awkward places may be difficult to see, creating a tripping hazard for both employees and customers alike. Camouflaged stumps can also act as a hidden threat causing irreparable damage to lawnmowers or other landscaping tools. Stumps also attract wood-boring pests such as beetles, termites, and ants. These creatures can cause damage to any nearby wooden structures, and rotting stumps can also carry disease. These pests can accelerate the spread of that disease to nearby trees. Trees that have been weakened by disease pose numerous safety hazards, such as falling branches.


A tree stump may seem like little more than an unsightly eyesore. However, the decision to leave it there can have a profound impact on the safety and perception of your business.