Useful Protocol When Using Aircraft Engine Stands

Aircraft engines are typically large, bulky, and very difficult to move without the proper transportation equipment. That's why engine stands exist today. If you'll be tasked with using them around a hangar or work site, review this protocol first. 

Use Recommended Engine Stands

Before you start mounting an aircraft engine on a stand, you first want to see that the stand is indeed recommended for the engine you plan on transporting. You can find this out by talking with the aircraft engine manufacturer and the engine stand supplier.

Both can tell you exactly whether or not the engine stand that you have in your possession is designed to support the size and weight of the engine you plan on moving around. If it isn't, at least you'll find out before loading the engine and suffering a potentially devastating accident. You can find a better match before any loading begins.

Wrap Engine Prior

If you want to give an aircraft engine extra protection before it's loaded up onto an engine stand, then consider wrapping it from top to bottom. There are special materials made for these exact purposes that will keep the engine in good shape throughout transportation.

The wrapping materials will keep things like dirt, debris, and other residues from collecting on the engine, ensuring it remains in optimal condition and saving you potential repair costs in the future. Just make sure you purchase the appropriate wrap designed for your specific engine so that it doesn't cover portions that the engine stand needs to connect to.

Plan Out a Path Before Moving

Once the aircraft engine is loaded up onto the stand, you may be eager to start moving it along to its target destination. You should hold off on this and instead look over the path that you plan on using for transportation.

You want to take the most efficient path possible so that there are fewer variables that could affect engine transportation. Also, looking over the path you're going to take prior helps you spot potential problems like damaged flooring and obstructions. You can account for them and then ensure transportation is a much smoother process for the engine and stand it's on.

Aircraft engine moving has been made simple thanks to engine stands, which really aren't that difficult to use. You just need to follow certain guidelines in the beginning that can reduce the likelihood of major issues. 

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