Important Tips For Making Your Own Funeral Arrangements

Are you concerned about what will happen to your loved ones when you pass on? Have you already gotten life insurance to cover your final expenses? Not counting the cost of your burial plot, your funeral could cost $6,000 or more. In order to make sure that your relatives aren't left with more than they can handle, it's a good idea to start making your own funeral arrangements now. Here are some tips to help keep your funeral costs down:

Make a list of things you don't want: Many people make lists of things that they want to have at their funeral, such as specific music or having a certain type of flower, but you may not realize the merits of having a list of things you don't want. When making funeral arrangements, there are many optional extras that can add to the cost of the funeral. Having a lot of flowers at your funeral will look nice, but can quickly add up. Your grieving family may be easily persuaded by the florist to add more flowers to their order, making them run over budget for the funeral, unless you have already specified that this is not something that you want. 

Don't pre-pay: If you have money now, you may be thinking about paying for all of your funeral arrangements in advance so that your family doesn't have to worry about this. But the funeral parlor may close for business before you die or you may move to another city or state in the future. Transporting your body to the original funeral home could wind up costing your family more than if they'd arranged a funeral local to your new home. Instead of paying any funeral parlor directly, consider talking to a lawyer about establishing a savings account or trust that can cover any final expenses your family might encounter. 

Start purchasing accessories: Some funeral costs, such as memorial cards and guest books, can be purchased well in advance of the funeral itself. Set aside a box in your closet or attic to hold these items and keep them for later. Make sure that your family is aware of your purchases, so that they don't duplicate your efforts after you're gone. By purchasing them now instead of having your loved ones do it after you're gone, you'll not only be assured that you're getting exactly what you want, you'll also be removing at least some of the stress from your family during a difficult time.