How To Make Folding Tables And Chairs Look Nice For Your Backyard Summer Wedding Reception

Summertime is a great time for a backyard wedding reception. If you're lucky enough to have a beautiful space to host your guests, then you are probably very excited. One thing that gets people nervous, however, is what to do with the rented tables and chairs. You probably don't want to try and rent and position heavy, solid wood furniture. But folding tables and chairs look tacky, don't they? Well, that's not a problem as long as you get the right coverage. Below is a list of decorative coverings that will ensure your reception area looks like a beautiful wedding space, and not some dingy bingo hall set up got dropped into the garden.

Copper Table Topper For The Bar

You should have a dedicated table for the bar and one of the caterers as a bartender. A good way to cover the bar is to get a copper table topper. These are much better than linen or another cloth because copper can easily be wiped down when there is a spill. The copper table toppers will fit right over the folding table. They won't bunch up like a cloth material, which is great because you don't want a glass tipping over when it is being filled. For more information, contact Laguna Spandex Linens or a similar company.

Linen Banquet Table Covers For Buffet Tables

Rather than have the catering staff run in and out of your house, a better idea is to set up a banquet table to the side of the reception area. You can then use this as the staging area for the food service. A great idea is to set up an elegant buffet table, as opposed to having the caters serve guests. In a large banquet hall, waiters can easily maneuver around the space, but in many smaller backyard situation it would be tight and cumbersome. So, as long as you have a beautiful banquet setup with nice real metal chaffing dishes (as opposed to a tin foil sterno setup), all you need is a beautiful linen banquet table cover.  

Linen Table Covers and Overlays

All you need to make the rented tables look nice are linen table covers and, if you like, overlays. The overlays will make the tables look just a bit more fancy. It's a good idea to choose a darker color for the overlays. You can get overlays in a decorative design, or a simple plain color.

Folding Chair Covers

Finally, you should cover the chairs. You should rent these, if possible, from the same place where you get the linen and copper table covers. This is because you will be able to get matching materials, plus you will get wedding quality material. Some party rental places might try and rent you a flimsy material that is designed for a one-time use and will tear. So it's best to arrange for everything to come from the same people.