Three Scenarios In Which Renting Space At A Self-Storage Facility Is Helpful

People rent space at neighborhood self-storage facilities for a long list of reasons, from providing a venue for excess clutter from the home to storing a child's possessions while he or she is away at college. If you've seen a storage business in your community and haven't yet thought of ways in which renting space could help you, there are many possible reasons to pack up some of items and relocate them. Whether you need a storage solution for a short term or a long term, here are scenarios in which you can benefit from renting space at a facility near you.

Home Business

Running a small business at home can slowly begin to take over your living quarters. What begins in one room or in the basement can quickly spread until multiple rooms in your home are holding inventory, playing host to work stations and housing documents. If you've have enough of the clutter, think about relocating what you don't need on a daily basis to a nearby self-storage facility. For example, if you're currently holding a high volume of inventory, it can be convenient to store at least some of your products off-site; they'll be easily accessible when you need them but not underfoot to you and your family.

Parent In Retirement Home

When you're moving your parent into a retirement home, it's often beneficial to get his or her house sold as soon as possible to avoid it sitting empty. If you're fortunate enough to close the deal quickly, you'll have to find a temporary home for all the furniture and other personal items from the home. While some of these items can go to the retirement home with your parent, this space it limited – and you probably don't want all these things cluttering your home. Upon selling the home, you can move the contents to a storage unit and then go through them at your convenience.

Renovation Project

When you hire a contractor for a home renovation, it's likely that he or she will want to empty the rooms that are part of the job. Given that it doesn't make sense to add to the upheaval by relocating all these things to other parts of your home, it's often a better idea to simply get a storage unit with a short-term rental contract and transport everything to this space. This solution is ideal because your items will be out of the contractor's way and free of getting damaged during the work.

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