Three Things To Check When Your Gas Heating System Is Not Working

If your gas furnace is not working, the likelihood is that you will need to call a heating systems technician to diagnose the problem and fix it. However, before you do this, you should take the following steps to check for simple problems that you can remedy yourself.

Check your thermostat

It is possible that your furnace is working fine, but the problem is your thermostat. For this reason, this is the first thing you need to check. Make sure your thermostat is set to both heat and the auto positions. Set your temperature as low as it will go, then move it slowly up. When the setting reaches a temperature that is hotter than the room temperature, you will hear a click. This sound indicates that the thermostat is likely functioning. You may need to be near the furnace to hear this click, so a second person may be needed to assist you while you are changing the temperature settings.

Check the pilot light switch

This is a common problem, especially at the beginning of the cold season when the heater is being used for the first time in months. In some cases, it may have simply blown out, but it is also possible that someone has turned the pilot switch off. Open up the door where the furnace is located and look for the pilot light switch. If the switch is set to the off position, turn it to the pilot position and push the ignitor switch. This switch is usually colored red. If the pilot switch is already on, it may have simply blown out. There should be enough gas coming out to ignite the pilot light, so simply push the ignitor switch. If this doesn't work, the problem is likely more serious, and you should call a repairman.

Check the air filter and air intake pipe

If the thermostat is working and the pilot light is lit, there are two things left to check: the air filter and air intake. The air filter's location can vary depending upon the make and model of your furnace. These filters can become dirty enough that there is little hot air generated by the heating system. You should also take a look at the air intake pipe of the furnace. This is usually outside of your house, and it can become clogged with debris from nearby trees.

The tips listed above are simply quick fixes for common problems. Often there is no quick fix. Heating systems must undergo periodic maintenance and repair, so if you still have a furnace that is not functioning correctly, you need to call a professional heating service company. For more information about furnace repair, click "go to site."