Buying A Business-Grade Copier: Key Considerations

Many different office machines help businesses operate more effectively and efficiently. One of the most important products for an office to acquire is a copy machine, also known as a photocopier or just a copier. This article takes a look at some of the most important factors for a business owner to consider when it's time to purchase one of these devices.  


A key decision in the purchasing process is choosing among the three main types of business-grade copiers: monochrome, color and hybrid. A monochrome copier is less expensive than a color copier and is a good choice if you rarely need color copies. A color copier is about 20 to 30 percent more expensive than a black and white copy machine as a general rule. If you need a significant amount of color copies on a regular basis, however, then it's a good investment. Another option is to purchase a hybrid machine that prints both monochrome and color copies. 


Don't forget about the cost of your machine's consumables when determining if you can afford a particular model. The term consumables refers to products such as toner, developer and paper that are required for the copier to function. The cost of toner is generally higher for a color copy machine than one that only prints in monochrome. Because the paper that is needed for a color copier is heavier and brighter than that required by black and white machine, it's more expensive as well. 


In some cases, purchasing a used or refurbished, copy machine is a good way of obtaining a decent machine at a reasonable price. Check the age of the machine, which should be labeled next to the serial number. The older the machine, the lower the price you should expect to pay. Also, ask the seller whether certain key components, such as the cleaning blades and drums, have been replaced. If they have not, then you may need to factor in the possible replacement costs into your final purchasing price. 

Always test the performance of any used or refurbished copier. Run about 30 pages from an automatic document feeder through the machine and see how it handles the task. If it is a hybrid machine, make certain you check both the black and white and color functions.

Buying a photocopier is a great idea for businesses that produce a significant amount of paper copies. For information, contact a local copy machine service such as Peter Paul Office Equipment.