Custom Labels: The Different Shapes And What They’Re Best Used For

If you need a label for your product or business, then you need to focus early on on the shape that you are going to use. The label is one of the most important marketing tools that you can utilize as it is going to be among the first things that customers see before they decide to make a purchase or not. There are certain shapes that are best used for certain things, such as circle labels for mailing correspondence. Read on to learn more. 

Rectangle Custom Labels

The majority of labels that you see are rectangles. The reason for this is simple: this shape provides the most space for designing efforts. You can opt for a rectangle with round or square corners. Rounded corners won't flag as easily, which is why most labels steer clear of square corners. However, square corners offer a bit more of a contemporary appearance.

Square Custom Labels

There are various sizes of square labels, which is perfect when you are trying to achieve a certain look. Smaller square labels tend to be great with simple graphics and text and are ideal for offering warnings for industrial-grade products. These smaller labels are also perfect for remember-the-date stickers, inventory labels and barcode labels. Square labels of a larger size have significant more space for several design elements, so you can opt for text, graphics, logos and images – all of which are beneficial for grabbing the attention of customers and pointing them toward your promotional labels, such as coupons.

Oval Custom Labels

If your aim is to create an elegant, modern look, then look no further than the oval-shaped label. Oval labels are used in various markets, including beverage, food and even bath and beauty. They look fantastic even with minimalist designs. Because of the distinctive shape of the label, the text turns into an extremely beautiful an eye-catching design all on its own, yet it can slightly limit the overall artwork that is on the label.

Circle Custom Labels

Circle labels tend to add some visual interest as well, but there is a limit to the amount of design that can actually be printed on the label itself. You can use circles in a bright colors to advertise your most recent promotions without the need to spend an arm and a leg changing the primary label. These circle-shaped labels are also ideal for marketing collateral and mailing correspondence – just add your logo to the label and you're done!

Extremely Custom Labels

If you really want to go all out with your label, you may want to consider a custom shape. This helps to not only help personalize your products, but it helps in providing your brand a unique, recognizable identity that stands out from the rest of the crowd. However, it is important that you know this will generally cost extra since the exact shape and size likely won't be in stock at the label printing company.

If you're uncertain what shape label you need for your business or product, don't hesitate in contacting a custom label company (such as who can sit down with you and talk to you about the different shape options.