Ways To Control Humidity Levels In Your Storage Unit

Humidity can damage certain items you want to place in your storage unit. To prevent moisture damage, it is a good idea to know the different methods for reducing the amount of humidity within your storage unit.

Choose Climate Controlled Unit

The easiest method to reduce moisture is to choose a unit that has both temperature and humidity control features. It is important to note that even if the unit has these two features, some moisture may still reside in the air.

The first feature you want is temperature-control, which helps the unit stay at a constant temperature throughout the year. In most cases, the moisture in the air comes from the space heating up and cooling frequently. However, since the HVAC system gently changes the temperature within the space, the unit will not develop large amounts of moisture in the air.

Even with temperature control, humidity can still form in enclosed spaces. For this reason, you need to see if any of the storage facilities use dehumidifiers in their units. This machinery removes the remaining moisture from the air, which helps protect your belongings from growing mold or mildew. If possible, you should rent a unit that has both of these features to protect the items you plan to store.

Use Absorbent Substances

If you cannot find a unit with climate and humidity control, you can use absorbent substances to remove some of the moisture from the air. To use these substances, you simply place them around the boxes you place into the storage unit.

For example, bamboo charcoal is one option for absorbing the moisture out of the air. This substance also removes some impurities such as bacteria, allergens and foul odors from the air as well.

Another substance is silica gel, which can absorb around 40 percent of its weight in water. The gel normally comes in small packets, like the ones you find inside shoeboxes. One additional benefit with using the packets is that you can place a few of them inside each box without taking up a lot of room. Placing them along the sides of the boxes will allow the packets to absorb any moisture before it can come into contact with your belongings.

When you plan to store your personal belongings inside a storage unit, you need to consider the humidity levels in your area. By considering this factor, along with the prevention methods, you will have an easier time protecting your items from moisture damage while you have them packed away in storage units.