Healthy Home Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your home can give you a sense of accomplishment while leaving your living quarters feeling comfortable and safe. The safety factor, however, is not always prevalent with the use of chemicals in cleaning products. Making the switch to green cleaning is easily done and is a healthier alternative for your family. Here are some tips to use when cleaning your home, helping to keep the area safe for all who live inside.

Ditch The Chemicals

When deciding to "go green" the first step is to get the chemical cleaners out of your home so no one decides to use them. Instead of throwing them away, however, you need to dispose of them properly or they will end up in a landfill. Check with your local town building to see if there is a recycling program in place that would accept these household cleaners. Many towns will have yearly events that will take them off of your hands so they are appropriately recycled.

Use Natural Ingredients

When selecting new cleansers to clean your home, look for items that are nontoxic and biodegradable. Search for cleaners made with renewable resources instead of petroleum-based items. 

The best cleaners to use for many different surfaces are most likely already in your kitchen cabinets. Baking soda and vinegar both have cleaning agent properties and they will pose no risk for people or animals who touch or even lick areas cleaned with them. To use these as a cleaning solution, simply put one or both in a bowl, add some water to dilute them and place in a spray bottle. Use liberally on dirty surfaces and simply mop up the solution with a clean cloth.

Keep Air Fresh

When using any type of cleaner, it is recommended to keep air flowing freely in the area. This will help to keep fumes away from family members. Even when using green cleaners, scents can become overwhelming if airflow is restricted. Instead of using commercial air fresheners, boil natural herbs and spices in water on your stove top to keep your air smelling great. Cinnamon and cloves are two stronger smelling spices that have a pleasing aroma. Keep plants in your home to help freshen air, as well.

Make Desires Known

If you have your home cleaned by a professional maid service such as McMaid, communicate your interest in using only green products. Most cleaning services are well prepared to make the switch to products that are safe for the home, and several businesses only use green products for their jobs. If the company you hire does not provide green products, leave a solution for them when they do your cleaning. Perhaps you can convince them to switch to a healthier alternative in the place of commercial cleansers as a result.