Three Ways A Temporary Employment Agency Can Help Your Career

When you begin looking for a job, you may go the traditional route of applying online or sending your resume directly to a company that is hiring. Though these methods work well for some people, if you don't have a suitable resume with experience then you may be left out of the running for the position. By using a temporary employment agency, you can build a suitable resume and gain valuable benefits that will help your career. Here are three ways that this type of employment agency can help your career starting with your first assignment.

On-the-Job Training

Some staffing agencies specialize in assignments that deal with labor, driving, or manufacturing. In these cases, you may not have what you need in order to land the job in a traditional manner. With a temporary employment agency you can start out with an entry-level assignment that offers on-the-job training.

For example, you may be able to obtain an assignment working in a warehouse as a packing clerk. In order to help you advance, some companies will offer on the job CDL certification and forklift training. This means not only do you have a foot in the door with the company, you could leave the assignment with the certification you need to gain a CDL job.

Variety of Experiences

One of the key things to remember about temporary employment agencies is the ability to work on back-to-back assignments. This means you could be placed on one assignment for a two week period then move to another assignment lasting longer or shorter than the previous. The benefit of this arrangement is that you are working in your field while getting a wide variety of work experiences to add to your resume.

Building Your Skills

When you first go into the employment agency, they will give you a skills assessment. This assessment will determine what jobs you are eligible for. This will also determine what skills you should work on for future assignments. Most agencies will allow you to come in on your own time, between assignments, or on chosen weekends to develop these skills and take additional training. This is one of the biggest benefits of using a temporary employment agency when you are first starting out in your chosen career.

These three reasons are just a sample of the many ways that temporary employment agencies can help your career. If you are ready to get started, visit your local agencies and meet with a job placement representative. Contact for more information.