4 Tips For Storing Antiques In Self-Storage Units

If you have a collection of antiques, you might not want to keep them stored in your home, especially if you are running out of room. Self-storage units provide ample space for a variety of different antiques and works of art, but it is important that they are packed and stored properly. Here are some tips for storing your antiques in self-storage units.

Pack the Antiques Carefully

One of the most important things about storing your antiques begins with packing them. Different materials require different preparation steps to pack them safely and keep them from harm while they are in the self-storage unit. For example, make sure all items with glass, such as antique beveled mirrors, are covered in bubble wrap or blankets to prevent breaking. If you have items made of wood, coat them with wood polish before you store them. Leather items should also be conditioned thoroughly before being packed away. Also follow these additional packing tips:

  • Add oil to metal items to prevent rusting
  • Cover upholstery in bags or plastic to keep out dust and insects
  • Cover paintings and artwork in butcher paper and stand them up in boxes

Find a Safe and Secure Storage Unit

When you are storing antiques and artwork, you don't just want any self-storage unit. There are certain things to look for. The first thing is finding a storage unit with climate control. This is absolutely essential as the climate control can keep your antiques from being ruined as a result of high humidity or hot temperatures. If you have a choice in the storage unit you can choose, go with a first-floor unit. They are easier to access and often come with better climate control and possibly even a dehumidifier. Also ask about their security in order to keep your items safe while they are being stored.

How to Store the Items

Once you have selected your self-storage unit, it is time to start storing your antique items. If you are storing antique furniture, make sure it is always standing up and on its own. Don't stack furniture items or try to put boxes on top of your furniture. The weight could damage the wood over time. Never place items directly on the ground of the storage unit; place pallets on the ground, and items on top of the pallets. Also try to keep items away from the door. If you have artwork or paintings that aren't in boxes, stand them up in the storage unit. They should never lay flat.

Get Insurance

While you are choosing a storage unit from a place like Belmont Self Storage that is very secure and are doing your best to protect your items, you should still have insurance. A good general rule is that if the items are irreplaceable, valuable, or important to you, they should be insured. Antiques and precious artwork needs to have insurance, which begins with getting an appraisal. If something happens to them, you at least have some monetary protection following the loss.