Jobs For Moms: 4 Types Of Work You Can Do At Home

When you are a mom and have decided to stay home with your kids, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to miss out on the best careers for women. There are many jobs you can do right from your home, whether you sit on the couch with your laptop, or dedicate a room in your home to your office. Here are flexible jobs you can do at home to earn a living and feel proud of what you have accomplished.

Grant Writer

If you have been looking for jobs you can do from home, writing has probably come up in your search. While there are a lot of different writing jobs available that allow you to telecommute, grant writing is one of the best. As a grant writer, you can choose your hours and work for one organization, or have multiple clients. Grant writers help to write proposals for a person or organization that is trying to get funding. If you have excellent writing skills and are willing to learn the ins and outs of grant proposals, this can be a rewarding career for you.

Live Answering Service

There are many businesses that are going digital in just about every conceivable way. One way they are doing this is by hiring a live answering service to handle their phone calls, as opposed to having a receptionist. If you have a good speaking voice and excellent customer service skills, it can be a good job to do from home. You will work for a company that handles incoming calls for various businesses. You may forward incoming calls to the right person who can handle their query, answer basic customer service questions, or schedule appointments.

Virtual Tutor or Teacher

Do you have your teaching credentials but prefer working from home? If so, being a virtual tutor or teacher is another great choice! More people are looking for online tutors or teachers to help their children with difficult math problems, studying for their SATs, and getting through science class. As a virtual teacher, you will help students online, either through a text-based chat system, or by using the webcam on your computer. You can help them with their homework, teach studying techniques, and assist them as they go through their most difficult subjects.

Fitness Coach

Believe it or not, you don't have to work at a fitness center to be a fitness coach. There are two ways to do this; you can be a personal trainer that meets clients at your own home, or you can be a virtual fitness coach. In either case, you are working from home, but helping others get healthy and fit. Many people are looking online to find fitness tips and exercise routines, which you can provide if you are a fitness expert. You will help individuals track their exercise routines, log their food, and decide what exercises are best for their personal goals.