Want to Fly a Flag in Front of Your Business? Keep These Flag Code Regulations in Mind

Flying an American flag in front of your business is a great way to show your loyalty to the United States government and your value of the nation's history. However, there are regulations as to how and when the American flag should be flown. The Flag Code is a long, detailed document that describes the design, proper handling, and proper disposal of American flags. While you should certainly familiarize yourself with the entire Flag Code, look over these regulations that are especially pertinent to business owners.

The American flag must be the highest flag on the staff if multiple flags are flown.

If you want to also fly a state flag or the flag of a business-related organization, it must be flown underneath the American flag. The Flag Code also specifies that when more than one flag is flown, they must be of equal or smaller size than the American flag.

The American flag must be lit if flown at night.

It's a common myth that the portion of the Flag Code that calls for all flags being illuminated at night has been removed. This is not the case. The Flag Code always has required that business owners either take their flags down before sunset each day and rehang them after sunrise, or provide illumination if the flag is hung overnight.

The American flag should not be flown at half-staff except by the order of the state or nation.

The Flag Code does not give local mayors or business owners the authority to decide to fly the flag at half-staff after the loss of a loved one. Only State Governors and the President of the United States can make this determination. You may see other organizations and businesses flying their flags at half-staff without official order, but they are in the wrong.

The American flag should never be used for advertising purposes.

It is against the Flag Code to order images of the flag on items that are intended to be discarded. This includes boxes, bags, and pencils. You should also not use the flag on flyers or advertising signs. Attaching an advertising sign to the pole on which the American flag is flown is also against the flag code.

Make sure you adhere to these regulations when displaying a flag in front of your business. Most instances where business owners disobey the Flag Code are accidental, but they can cause loss of respect from some customers. By adhering to the Flag Code, you sustain a loyal, respectful image in the public eye. If you want an American flag for your business, call All American Flag & Pennant