How To Pack Up An Apartment In One Night

Being busy is a way of life to many people. Between work, bills, keeping a social life, and hobbies, there is often little time for the small things. Moving to a new place can be a major disruption to a schedule and is not something most look forward to. If you are moving to a new place in town, there is a way that you can spend very little time on packing and moving. Follow these steps to packing your entire apartment in one afternoon.

Collect boxes and trash bags

Boxes, both large and small will help you to carry out any necessities. Garbage bags are another less used, but inexpensive packing system. Don't forget to also pick up paper to use inside of the boxes as packing materials and labels to put on the exterior of the garbage bags and boxes.

Tape the drawers

One of the biggest time wasters during packing is taking all the items out of drawers and packing them. If the plan is to put the items back inside of the drawers, this is a wasted step. Instead, tape the drawers closed with the items inside of them. By taping the drawers with the items inside of them, you lessen the possibility of losing items in transit. Remember that keeping items in drawers will make dressers heavier; therefore, you will need a packing service to come and help with item transportation. Duct taping drawers will take less than 20 minutes and save hours on packing.

Place soft items inside of garbage bags

Boxes are the item that most elect to use when packing. However, if you wish to pack quickly and easily, garbage bags are a good idea. Soft items such as clothing, blankets, comforters, pillows, and purses can be placed inside of garbage bags to be moved. One of the best things about garbage bags is that they are pliable, and will take up less space in a moving van or the trunk of a vehicle. Remember to label the exterior of the garbage bags with stick-on labels so you know which room that the items should be placed.

Wrap fragile valuables inside of blankets

Moving heavy valuables takes the most time. To move your flat-screen television, wrap the TV inside of a large comforter before you secure it to be moved. Wrapping valuables or breakable objects inside of your own soft objects mean that you need fewer packing materials and will make packing up your home faster.

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