How To Get Potential Customers To Keep Your Business Card

For some people, being given a business card is neither here nor there. It ends up lost or in the trash in a short time, and these customers do not think twice about meeting you or your business again. It is not because you did not make a good impression, it is simply that they are not interested or not impressed by your business card. There are a few ways you can get potential customers to keep your business card, and maybe, just maybe, you will get some business too.

Credit Card Thickness

Business cards that are less destructible than basic paper ones are more interesting because they supply potential customers with a different sensation in their fingers and in their pockets. Cards made from 14pt and 16pt cardstock feel almost like credit cards, which some consumers will unconsciously associate with a smooth buying transaction. When you add a glossy finish and graphics to both sides of 16pt business cards, it looks like a credit card too. If you combine this with the following sales technique, the consumers who you give your cards to are almost certain to keep them and make a future purchase.

The High Quality Business Card Becomes a Discount Card

If you give out your high quality, glossy, full color front and back business cards and tell customers that the card also counts as a discount coupon, they are more likely to hold onto it. Consumers love a good deal, and if the deal you give them with your business card is sweet enough, they will pocket your cards instead of throwing them away. You can either print the discount amount on the front or back of the card or give the discount information verbally, but more customers are willing to trust a discount that is printed on your card rather than a verbal one. They know you have to back what the card says, but you do not have to honor a verbal one you might not remember promising.

Contest Promotions Involving Your Business Card

You could run contests with your business card as well. Tell potential customers that they can come into your place of business, put their name and phone number on the back of the business card, drop it into a fishbowl, and they might win a prize. Contests and the opportunity to win free goods or services motivate many people to hold onto a business card.

Meet with Printing Services to Discuss Other Biz-opps

These are just a couple of ways to get customers to keep your card for future reference. When you meet with your printing services provider, discuss and brainstorm other ways to use your cards so that customers are more interested in and curious about your business. The printers can show you many more ways to make your business cards and other business advertising materials more interesting to consumers.