Two Tips To Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

It is no secret that keeping your home comfortable and well lit requires a constant flow of electricity. Not surprisingly, this can contribute to painfully high energy bills, and some homeowners are under the impression that there is no way to lower these costs without impacting quality of life in the home. Luckily, there are a couple of tips that can lower your monthly power bills without impacting the comfort of you or your family. 

Consider Installing Motion Sensors

There are many outdoor lights that are designed to stay on whenever someone is outside. While leaving these lights on all the time can help ensure you are able to see when you arrive home at night, it can also contribute to very high power bills. However, connecting outdoor lights to motion sensors can improve the energy efficiency of your home without causing painful power bills. 

These sensors work by turning on the light whenever motion is detected in the area, and you can program how long the lights will stay on when motion is detected. In addition to helping you avoid tripping when you get home in the dark, these systems can also help prevent crime and damage from animals. 

Replace Your Windows' Weatherstripping

When looking for ways to save energy, most people will primarily focus on devices that actively draw on power. Yet, these are not the only sources of energy loss in your home. A large amount of the daily power used by your house goes to keeping the interior temperature within a comfortable range. 

However, you may not realize that the condition of your windows will directly impact the efficiency of your home. As the windows age, the weatherstripping will start to suffer wear and tear. Due to this damage, the windows will gradually develop leaks that let drafts into the home while letting heated or cooled air escape. 

To avoid this type of energy inefficiency, you should replace the weatherstripping around your windows at least once every few years. Sadly, many new homeowners may not be familiar with this type of maintenance, but you can hire professionals to quickly and effectively replace the weatherstripping. 

Keeping your energy bills at a manageable level takes more than just turning off lights in rooms you are not using. By installing motion-activated exterior lights and replacing your windows' weatherstripping, you can correct some common causes of energy inefficiency that plague many modern homes. Compare electric rates after you make the changes to see just how much of a difference they make!