Diving Into Pool Renovation: Creating A Home-Based Business While Providing Low-Cost Renovations

Just having a pool is a nice backyard amenity, but it may be time to move that above ground pool to ground level. Once you install a ground level pool, there is so much more you can do with it that you cannot with an above-ground pool. There are dozens of people in your area that may be looking to renovate and upgrade their pools, in which case you could have a very profitable business. Here is how you can find and assist these customers as a home-based business.

The Home-Based Pool Business

This may seem like an impossible task. After all, would your customers not prefer to see products on display in a store? Maybe, but when you operate a pool renovation business from your own home, you can undersell the competition because you do not have the store front overhead the competitors do. You can show them all the products and pool renovations they want with your catalog and talk it up with a few good salespeople. Because it costs you less to run your business, it costs your customers less to get the pool of their dreams.

Subcontracting vs. Owning Your Own Equipment

Unless you decide to store your construction equipment offsite, it will be very difficult to store it on your property as a home-based business. Most pool renovation companies and business owners who work from home subcontract a construction company to do most of the digging and cement work involved with a pool renovation. Fortunately, you can choose the lowest bidding contractor and not lose too much money with this option. The other possibility is that you get a friend or family member who is already a construction contractor to become your business partner. Then you only have to manage the sales and customer service end of things. As far as pool repair goes, you may be able to also subcontract a company like The Pool Doctor.

Door to Door Sales

Not too many businesses still operate on a door-to-door sales plan, but if there are hundreds of pools in your area which look like they could use an upgrade, it might benefit you and your salespeople to present flyers and business cards to each home that has an above-ground pool. You could use this method as a jump-off point in the beginning until you have enough cash to advertise your business. Plus, you could distribute "Grand Opening" coupons this way for discounts off of pool renovations and/or accessories for new customers.

Expect Long Hours in the Beginning

As you get going, you will have to work long hours to get things off the ground. Over time, a home-based pool renovation business will get easier and more flexible, and eventually you may even be able to take a few hours off or even a couple of days off. Providing customers with low priced, high value pool renovations to help them relax and be more comfortable has a very rewarding feeling to it, and it is even better when you can work from home and relax yourself.