Branded Tumblers Can Help You Get The Word Out

Do you have a promotional campaign coming up for a new product? Are you just looking to get the word out about your company in general? While you can certainly take out an advertisement or launch a traditional marketing campaign, another option that might let you mix things up would be to toss promotional merchandise into the mix. As one example, a company that makes branded promotional tumblers might be able to put your company logo or anything else you like on a piece of merchandise. You can then give it away for free to both customers and employees. Here's how a well-made branded promotional tumbler can help you take your marketing to another level.

They'll Take It Home With Them

Is your company planning to be at a convention where you'll pitch your ideas or products to customers or potential business partners? A time-tested way of getting people to remember you is to give them something to take home. While a business card works, if you want to make an impression, go with a more premium piece of merchandise like a tumbler. Then, every time that person opens their kitchen cabinet, they'll be reminded of your company, your product, or your message.

Customers Can Carry Your Brand Around With Them

When you hand out free tumblers to multiple customers, those customers might take them home or take them with them when they go somewhere else. This way, your company's logo or message will be seen by additional people besides just the customer you hand the tumbler to. It's like the customer is walking around with a miniature billboard for your company or product every time they use the tumbler.

Tumblers Are a Nice Gift for Employees That Will Help You Build Your Brand

You don't have to wait for a product launch or a convention to get branded tumblers made. A well-made tumbler makes a nice gift for an employee. Maybe you give them away at an office potluck or at the company's holiday party or for no reason at all. Your employees will be more likely to hold onto the tumblers than the average customer because they work there, and that means your employees can help spread awareness of your company, product, or brand in the same way some customers will. 

Talk to a company that makes branded merchandise, such as 20 oz custom promotional tumblers, for more information.