How Much Laundry Detergent Do You Need?

When you do your laundry, you expect your clothes to come out clean. However, there may be times when too much dirt or stains do not wash out, which can be disappointing. To always get your clothes clean, there are more factors to consider than which brand of laundry detergent you use.

What's in the Water?

If you have hard water, you may have a more difficult time getting your clothes clean. Hard water contains minerals that react with the cleaning agents in your laundry detergent. The minerals dilute the power of the cleaning agents, called surfactants, which can leave your clothes dirty.

The amount of water you use also affects how well your laundry detergent works. An older top loading washer uses much more water than a new front loading one, which is why front loading washers are becoming more popular with homeowners. A high efficiency top loading washer or a front loading washer will use between 15 to 30 gallons of water to do a load of laundry.

How Dirty are Your Clothes?

The amount of dirt, grass stains or food stains you have on your clothes will also be a factor in how clean your clothes will get. You will wash a pile of muddy clothes differently than you would bath towels that have been used once or twice before being put into the laundry hamper. If you do have a pile of muddy or excessively dirty clothes, you may need to presoak stains or use a stain remover to help get your clothes clean.

Detergent Types

Another factor in getting your clothes clean is the type of detergent that you use. You will not need to use as much detergent if you buy a liquid concentrated detergent because it is simply detergent with most of the water removed.

Measure Your Detergent

The measurements on your box of laundry detergent will tell you how much detergent you should use. You should always use these measurements when you do laundry in order to make sure your clothes get clean. Most detergents have instructions for using their product in hard water or in different washer types to ensure your clothes do come out looking clean and smelling fresh. They know that if their product works, you will keep buying it. When it comes to something like a liquid concentrated detergent, read the instructions or use the fill line on the cap in order to put the proper amount of soap in with your wash.

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